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No more nightmares
with filling out
paper forms!

AnyForm® Form Software Create templates of official paper forms or Use the corresponding AnyForm Free Forms, Fill in the official forms by hand or ODBC-data import. Print your data precisely onto the original forms.


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Get countless free AnyForm templates
for your official paper forms

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Features and benefits

Convert paper forms into electronic forms

Turn original paper forms into ready-fillable electronic forms by scanning them in or by importing jpg-, gif-, pga- or bmp-files of original forms

Ease of Use and free Online Support

Learn quickly to fill in your paper forms efficiently with AnyForm form software, thanks to our free online support and the comprehensive AnyForm User Manual

Making electronic forms intelligent

Make electronic forms intelligent by adding arithmetic formulae and binding text fields for repetitive filling tasks

Precise data print out on preprinted forms

Print the content of the electronic forms precisely onto your original paper forms

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